Where more people die than get born in The Netherlands

Municipalities with no natural increase in The Netherlands
Municipalities without natural increase in The Netherlands

The above visualization shows municipalities in The Netherlands where there’s no natural increase from 1995 to 2016. No natural increase means more deaths than births or the same number of deaths and births. For increased visual focus I chose to only show where there’s no natural increase, not to what extent.


A couple of notes on 2016:

  • In 2016 nearly half (189) of all municipalities had no natural increase.
  • Highest percentage in 2016 was -0,5% (119 more deaths than births). Highest absolute number in 2016 was 373 more deaths than births, in Sittard-Geleen.
  • Around 2016 even the capital of the province Limburg, Maastricht, has no natural increase. Maastricht is the only province capital in The Netherlands where there was no natural increase
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